MLM Energy Companies


Who are the best MLM Energy companies in the industry?


The deregulation of energy has created a tremendous opportunity not only for individuals, but also for MLM Energy companies. The opportunity springs from the intersection of 3 powerful forces in business:

1) Deregulation

2) The MLM Industry

3) The Energy Industry

This website hopes to provide some valuable insight into the opportunity that exists with various MLM Energy Companies.


Why are MLM Energy Companies in hot demand?

Deregulation is the act or process of eliminating restrictions and regulations.  It is also the elimination or removal of government contol/power in a particular industry.  It is generally enacted to encourage more competition, and reduce prices within a given industry.  Previous areas that have deregulated include the airline and telecommunications industries.

The energy distribution industry has started to deregulate during the last decade.  This is being managed on a state by state basis.  A number of states have already begun to change the regulations governing the energy industry to enhance competition between providers. This deregulation is breaking up the utility companies and their monopolies by creating a separation between the production of energy from the delivery and distribution to the consumer.  Before this separation, both natural gas and electricity were supplied by the local utility or the regional monopoy that controlled both the power production and distribution. 

The MLM, Direct Sales, or Network Marketing industry has been called the “Business of the 21st Century” by world renowned expert on wealth and finance, Robert Kiyosaki.  Multi Level Marketing or MLM is simply a way to move a product or service directly to a consumer instead of through a retail location. This is typically achieved through an independent distributor or representative sales force.  Global sales from MLM companies increased from $139.7 billion dollars in 2010 to $153.7 billion dollars in 2011.  Sales in the United States, which is the number 1 MLM country grew to $29.9 billion dollars in 2011, up from $28,6 billion dollars in 2010.

The Global energy market is valued at close to $6 trillion dollars, with 1.2 trillion dollars in the US alone.  In an ever increasingly competitive world, the opportunities in the energy industry abound.  Whether it’s renewable sources of energy, technological innovations, smart grid implementation, energy efficiency, or energy deregulation, the opportunities to create wealth exist for those that are willing to take action.


Which of the MLM Energy Companies should I join?

The Convergence of deregulation, MLM, and energy has created a  tremendous opportunity for individuals who truly want to change their lives forever by partnering with the right opportunity.  In this website we’ll review the MLM Energy Companies, and help you make the best decision as to which one to join.


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