What Is Epiq Energy?

epiq energyEpiq Energy is a brand new MLM company in the deregulated energy market.  Epiq Energy launched on Feb 19, 2013. Although Epiq is a new MLM energy company they do have a seasoned leadership team with a strong background in Energy and MLM. They offer the following:  Residential Energy in 5 states.  Commercial Gas & Electricity in 5 states (NY, NJ, MA, IL). Commercial Gas only in 7 states (CA, NV, AZ, CO, FL, GA, VA), and Electricity in 4 states (TX, PA, OH, CT)

Epiq Energy is powered by Diversegy, which is an energy brokerage based out of Dallas Texas.  Both Epiq and Diversegy were founded by Alex Rodriguez, who has seen the successful building of multiple businesses including Stream Energy, and North American Utility Partners. Alex brings an experienced management team with him including Sam Khavari, Fernando Campos & Johnny Webb.  From a field perspective Jon Gillardi formerly of the Independence Energy Alliance joins the team as a founding distributor.

How do I start my Epiq Energy business?

Like most traditional businesses, there are start up costs to begin. Epiq Energy is similar to some MLM businesses with a one time sign up fee of $397.00.   The only overhead is a monthly fee for your website. These costs are reasonable, and comparable with most home based business start up costs in today’s market.  There is also a $97 position that only allows you to market Residential energy.

In any MLM opportunity, the bigger your team, the more income that you make. This is especially so when residual income is involved. The first way to earn with this business is through a quick start bonus program where you can earn $100 for your first 5 energy customers in 30 days, $100 for your first 3 qualified business partner you enroll, and then an additional $400 for acquiring 5 more energy customers, for a total of 10.

As in many MLM companies, the real power of the opportunity comes in the ability to generate long term residual income.  Epiq Energy pays a residual income based on the customers in your network.  The more business partners on your team, the more customers they can gather, and the larger your residual income.  This can be a great income stream if you can build a large team. Epiq Energy uses a broker based model, and are not tied down to one supplier or enrgy company.  This is a much more stable model than having to rely on one energy company.

Should You Join The Epiq Energy Business?

Epiq Energy is certainly a viable business.  The deregulation of energy has created a tremendous opportunity for individuals to create a residual income stream.  At face value, Epiq Energy has the potential to be a great business, but having only just launched, it’s still an unproven company with a lot of unknowns. Can the quickstart bonuses be achieved in 30 days?  With a limited number of states on the residential side, and the longer lead times to close commercial deals, new partners may get discouraged if they are unable to meet their initial goals.  Do they have the training and support structure necessary for a successful organization. 

What Do I Do Next?

When evaluating any opportunity, you must evaluate the company, it’s leadership, the viability of it’s product line, and it’s compensation plan.  You must also consider a few questions:  1) Is the businesses plan duplicatable? 2) Is the opportunity affordable to the average person? 3) Does the company have a proven track record, and will it be around in the future?  4) Can an individual still earn an income even if they are unable to build a team?  If  “NO” is the answer to any one of these questions, then I believe you need to continue looking.  With the shutting down of the Independence Energy Alliance, there is a lot of flux in the MLM Energy Industry.  Now is not the time to transition to a start-up company.  You want a company with a proven track record, that is well diversified not only in energy, but other essential services that appeal to residential and commercial customers.  Please check my recommendation for the company that I found that meets all these criteria.

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